Our History: "Full Circle"

Sollenberger Construction began as one man's effort to survive a crisis. After several years of suffering layoffs during the winter months while working for Jack Lanehart and Callas Contractors, John Sollenberger ran across an idea of manufacturing cultured marble.

He traveled to the middle of Ohio to learn the process. In 1970 he began manufacturing the cultured marble in a good friend's abandoned chicken house off Tallow Hill Road in Chambersburg, PA. The business name was L and S Marblux Company. As the business outgrew the space, John moved it to a facility off Warm Spring Road and renamed the business Marblux Company. In early 1980, as the business continued to grow, John bought a building to house his manufacturing facility at 649 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg and moved Marblux Company once again.

In 1986, John's son, Joel E. Sollenberger joined his father in the manufacturing business. As a young teen, in the mid 70's, Joel had worked part-time for his father after school and during the summer months. Joel helped his dad in the manufacturing facility as well as in the installation of the cultured marble vanities and bathtub surrounds that they manufactured.

Upon his father's passing in 1989, Joel continued manufacturing the cultured marble vanities and shower panels for several years. During this time, one of his large wholesale accounts approached Joel about purchasing the manufacturing business. Joel sold the family manufacturing business known as "Marblux Company" to Lamtech, a division of Jemson Cabinetry from Ephrata, PA.

Joel moved on to teaching school in vocational education during the next 12 years. However, the demand for quality installation of the "Marblux" cultured marble product he had manufactured continued to follow him. So during his teaching years he would continue to sell and install the cultured marble; evenings, weekends, and during his summer vacation months; under his new business name: Sollenberger Construction.

In 2006, Joel's son J. Scott Sollenberger joined him in the family company and they formed Sollenberger Construction, LLC. While bathroom remodeling is the duo's favorite, they have expanded their business into all areas of construction.